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September 9, 2008
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This Is My Island by warupua This Is My Island by warupua
Wow, out of all my finished stuff, I'm surprised I haven't uploaded this one here. This one's from June of '07 where the weekly theme at SROA was "fake movie screenshots." I thought I lost this 'cause it wasn't saved on my comp. D;

So... I had a Pokemon movie planned out about Missingno. and friends. O:
Cinnabar Island, thought to be deserted when the volcano erupted on it, suddenly begins "sprouting" new Pokemon out of seemingly nowhere. Ash and friends go to investigate and find out that Missingno. is teleporting Pokemon from a new continent onto Cinnabar (hur, like how the Safari Zone pokemon cheat works... where you go there and immediately leave and go to Cinnabar Coast, and Safari Zone Pokemon appear).
A dangerous "Pokemon" of sorts has begun destroying the new continent, and Missingno. was only trying to save them.
Epic battle of sorts...

The big bad "Pokemon" is actually... well... if you were a Gameshark freak like me, and have ever left Palette Town with no Pokemon, and encountered something, you were given "nothing" to fight with. Things went crazy from then... 8D
Something like that would never make sense in an actual movie, but ah well...

... OH, AND. The birds that are flying over the water are Called Dandebirds and Axadande. The idea for them came from :icondandebird: :D She's amazing, check her out!
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Rainbowdoodler209 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Missingno birdy! :D
Tri445445 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
LuminaBalderson Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
I like MissingNo as a misunderstood good guy/protector. 
It fits him.
AvatarCat09 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
This Missingno. looks great! He looks like a mix between a Fearow, Murkrow, and Staraptor. :)
PokemontrainerDenis Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
Wow Missingno is like: " What are you looking at ? " I like this. :)
Anti-Venom42 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
I take it 44HY, Q, Female Symbol, Ragon, M', Charizard M', and (?) are there as well?
CaptainPrower Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I also had an idea for a movie involving Missingno.
Basically, it was a response to rumors that Black/White would be the final generation of Pokemon.
Ash finds out that he is not only a legendary Pokemon who has been turned into a human, but he's also the son of Arceus (whom we all know is the Pokemon equivalent of God) . He's been a human most of his life to hide him from an ancient evil later revealed as Missingno, known in legend as the "anti-Pokemon"
The Pokemon that Ash turns into is essentially a modified version of Latios called Nexius, who was created to extend Arceus' power of Judgement to humans.
AvatarCat09 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
That'd make a great FanFic. :)
toaofshyakugan Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wow... this is actually really cool o.o
Dandebird Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
Haha omg I forgot you had Dandebirds in this drawing ;v; i still love them ever so much
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